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I am Tibor Török, a drawing artist. Egerbocson I live and work in Egerbocs. I’ve been drawing since I was a kid, but I’ve only been working more intensively on drawing again since 2018. My favorite style is photorealistic drawing. As a color blinder, however, I only have black and white graphite work. My favorite topics are drawing portraits of popular movie characters. It would be a pleasure for me to be able to do it full time, but for now, I only hone my talent in my spare time, after work and on the weekends.

If you also like such creations, and if you are also interested in drawing with graphite, you will find the time spent on the site useful. You can view my works a GRAPHITE DRAWINGS in my gallery and on my social channels. Meet some of the artists who inspired me and from whom I learned a lot. Jono Dry ArtCharles Michael LavesoHeather RooneyNick SiderJessie BabinMarcello Barenghi. Wonderful works come out of their hands.

Ne felejts el feliratkozni a levelezői listámra, hogy értesülhess az új alkotásaimról. Munkáimat megtalálod az alábbi közösségi csatornákon is:

And if you have an opinion or criticism, or just want to post, a GUESTBOOK is open to you!

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Workshop secrets

Preparing for drawing

In the post below, I will briefly describe what activities precede the drawing process on my part.

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