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I am Tibor Török, from Hungary. I’m a realist drawing artist. Originally I was business information technologist then security guard. I have only been dealing with drawing more seriously for two years. Before that I hadn’t even hold a pencil or drawing paper in my hands for about 12 years. It had never come to my mind to draw until July 2018. Then thanks to a little bit of push and encouragement, I finally tried myself out and I created my first portrait, a self-portrait.
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The site was basically meant to present my drawings and works to the world, but I thought why not talk about a little more. That’s why I created this blog section where you will be able to read about, among other things, how I draw, what techniques and drawing tools I use. Also, if you’re interested – but why not – I’d like to give you an insight into the process of making a drawing. This or pictures, so-called. I will want to implement it in the form of phase drawings or timelapse (i.e. accelerated) videos.
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